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Best way to achieve good heart health is to take a step back in timeOur bodies were ‘set’ to be on the move. Evolution hasn’t had time to adjust to a life sitting stillHadza tribespeople have low cholesterol and blood pressure all their lives (Image: Getty)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailYes, I know I always go on about it. But we need to keep moving or our sedentary life will, not to put too fine a point on it, kill us.The problem is, in our hunter gatherer celine outlet woodbury days, our bodies were “set” to be on the move.

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I too decided the situation was most odd and

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Bonnie Arzuaga, one of the physicians who reviewed

Many Asylum Seekers in Mexico Can

Customs and Border Protection (CBP). However, the pandemic means that instead of meeting with a judge, she was presented with a delayed court date.

“We’re sleeping on the floor with the children in a hall, so it’s really hard,” the mother tells TIME through an interpreter, and asked that her identity and specific location be kept private as she has concerns about the family’s safety. while waiting for their court hearing. According to CBP’s MPP guidelines, “vulnerable” asylum seekers with known “physical/mental health issues” should be exempt from the policy. Lawyers for the mother provided medical records and letters written by American physicians who had reviewed those records.

“Both of [the mother’s] children are at risk of serious health consequences or even death without access to proper and advanced medical care,” wrote Dr. Bonnie Arzuaga, one of the physicians who reviewed the children’s medical records, in a letter to CBP seen by TIME. “Additionally, living in a crowded shelter puts these medically fragile children at risk for serious illness from infectious diseases, including COVID 19.”Ultimately, CBP denied the mother’s requests, and she and her family were back in the Jurez shelter by the end of the day. “The only thing that we can do is just wait,” the mother says. “All I can do is just pray.”

A member of the Global Responses Management medical team in the Matamoros camp on April 24. The family is among approximately 20,000 asylum seekers with pending cases under the MPP program, according to recent estimates from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. were sent back to Mexico to wait for court hearings to decide on their requests for asylum. Due to COVID 19, MPP hearings have been suspended until at least June 8, which has caused a further backlog in court proceedings. not only face delays, but also live in cramped and unsanitary conditions, potentially exposing them to a greater danger of COVID 19. There is also a lack of testing in Mexico.

Public health officials in both Jurez and Matamoros did not immediately respond to TIME’s requests for comment on conditions for migrants.

While the Brazilian mother has her next court date tentatively set for July 14, 2020, many have had their dates pushed back even further as a result of the COVID 19 suspension, until 2021 in some cases. El Paso based lawyer Taylor Levy tells TIME she has met several asylum seekers whose court dates have been pushed back until April 2021. One man from Venezuela, for example, would have had his final asylum hearing on May 6. Instead, he now has to wait until April 21, 2021.

“He was pretty devastated,” says Levy, who most days stands at the Paso del Norte port of entry ready to speak to asylum seekers as they present themselves to Border Patrol. She also provides donated goods to them, including face masks and hand sanitizer. “He didn’t necessarily think he was going to wait the year, he didn’t know what he was going to do.”

Dinner at the migrant camp in Matamoros on April 25. In the city of Matamoros, Mexico, just across the border from Brownsville, Texas, roughly 2,500 asylum seekers await their court dates living on a muddy strip of land the size of two football fields on the banks of the Rio Grande. Among them is Perla, an asylum seeker from Nicaragua, who, along with her daughter and grandchildren, has been living in the camp for nine months while they wait to have their asylum case heard. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, their court date has been pushed back to July. Perla asked not to be identified by her full name after expressing concern for her and her family’s safety.

## ## The family, like the other asylum seekers in the camp, face potential exposure to the coronavirus, which could spread like wildfire in the cramped conditions. Perla was a pharmacist in Nicaragua before she and her family fled violence that broke out under the administration of President Daniel Ortega, which she says resulted in her cousin being killed. She now works with a medical non governmental organization (NGO) at the encampment to help try to prevent an outbreak of COVID 19, but if the virus does make its way into the camp, “it’ll be in God’s hands,” she says in Spanish.

Dr. Dairon Elisondo Rojas, a doctor from Cuba who is waiting for his asylum case to be heard, has been working with Perla and a team of volunteer health care workers from Global Response Management (GRM), an international medical NGO with a medical unit at the center of camp, to put in place protective measures to try to prevent an outbreak, something Elisondo says would “devastate” the camp if it arrived.

“All of these measures we’ve come up with, they were created in the context of the people who live in overcrowded conditions, people who live in unhygienic and unsanitary conditions,” Elisondo tells TIME in Spanish. “That’s what makes this plan of action unique.”

A burial at a newly dug grave at the Municipal Cemetery No. 13 in Tijuana, Mexico, on May 12. Experts say Mexico’s COVID 19 case count and death toll have been underreported. Fred Ramos Bloomberg/Getty ImagesEveryone is instructed to sleep head to toe in tents that are open or have vents they can open, which they hope will limit the respiratory droplets they’re exposed to at night, Elisondo says. The team has created a hotline for people to call if they start to display symptoms, and have passed out vitamins in an effort to boost immune systems. They’ve also installed 40 additional sinks for hand washing and are making their own hand sanitizer.

However, despite their best efforts, since March 12, 19 people have presented with some combination of cough, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, abdominal pain all symptoms of COVID 19. Most have been isolated at a sectioned off part of camp, where they have access to their own bathroom setup. Others, with more serious symptoms, were removed to hotels. One man, for example, who had severe diarrhea, was vomiting and had a fever, was placed in a hotel to quarantine.

Seventeen of the asylum seekers have so far completed their quarantines and returned to the camp, but two patients who are showing symptoms, including one child, remain in isolation and are awaiting the results of testing by Matamoros health officials.

In general, the asylum seekers are concerned for their safety, Helen Perry, an acute care nurse practitioner and executive director of GRM, tells TIME. “Social distancing and quarantine in refugee situations is nearly impossible,” she says. “Bathrooms are communal, kitchens are communal, sinks are communal. So it’s incredibly difficult.”

A family wearing protective masks mourns during the burial of a relative who died from coronavirus at Municipal Cemetery No. 13 in Tijuana, Mexico, on May 12. Fred Ramos Bloomberg/Getty ImagesBut without widespread access to testing, it’s impossible to know if the virus has officially arrived. It’s the public health officials who determine who can receive a COVID 19 test, Perry says. Officials have so far tested eight people at the camp, and have only shared the results of one person, whose test came back negative. The two people who are currently in isolation were tested by public health officials on Tuesday, Perry says, but she’s unsure if she’ll ever know the results.

Experts say across Mexico the COVID 19 case count and death toll have been underreported. State officials in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, where Matamoros is located, have reported 917 COVID 19 cases as of Thursday morning, and 56 deaths. The city of Matamoros has the highest case count and death toll in the state, with 205 cases and 16 deaths as of May 14. The actual case and death count could be higher, as Mexico ranks last for testing out of all countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). According to OECD, Mexico is only testing 0.6 people for every 1,000.

“With Mexico, as with many other countries around the world, their public health system, their public health infrastructure is very poor,” Perry says. “For us, it’s been very hit or miss whether we’ve been able to get our patients tested or not. But it would absolutely not surprise me to find out that the death toll [in the city of Matamoros] is much higher than what’s really known.”

A girl plays in the migrant camp in Matamoros, Mexico, on April 23. The city has the highest case count and death toll in the state. to use as a screening tool. Although there is widespread concern many of the tests might be flawed, GRM says these rapid detection tests can help the health care workers determine if someone was potentially exposed to the virus. “That’s the agreement we’ve come up with, with the public health department in Matamoros,” Perry says. “So we’re not using it to predict immunity or to predict who is safe to go out and about in public.”

Additionally, some shelters, including the one in Jurez where the mother from Brazil is staying, have implemented rules to try and prevent an outbreak. People are only allowed to leave if they have a court date and if they do decide to leave they risk losing their spot at that shelter.

Other Jurez shelters there are about 20 of them have started to reduce their capacity to help with social distancing, Levy says. Most shelters have not been accepting new residents for several weeks, and personal protective equipment is limited.

“The shelters are incredibly dedicated in terms of doing everything that’s within the realm possible to try and prevent contagion,” she says. “But they’re still very limited.”Burr submits final Russia report before leaving chairmanshipSenate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr on Friday submitted the final report in the panel three year Russia investigation to the intelligence community for a declassification review. The move came hours before he was to temporarily step aside as chairman of the panel. The report on the panel counterintelligence findings including whether President Donald Trump campaign coordinated with Russia marks the conclusion of its Russia probe, which it first launched in January 2017.

The only time you really have a problem with these

M540 SPD Pedals Review For Cyclocross

Shimano Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals Offering Value And FunctionalityIf you’re new to clipless pedal systems on your Mountain Bike, or looking for a set of budget pedals for riding cyclocross during the winter there are plenty of options to choose from and a lot of people trying to influence your decision.

The purpose of this review of the Shimano PD M540 SPD Pedals is to offer insight into how the pedal works and how it’s capabilities translate for both mountain biking and cyclocross racing.

This review will concentrate on the performance and value aspects of the pedal to help you make an educated purchase of your next set of bicycle pedals.

The PD M540 pedal is the second step along Shimano’s double sided mountain bike pedal ladder ahead of their base model the PD M520. The M540 builds on the success and value of the M520 by shedding 25g in weight and around $30 dollars in price on MRRP although handy shoppers will always make a significant saving purchasing online.

## ## I will primarily review these pedals for cyclocross use as that combines everything that you would need from a clipless pedal system from power transfer and ease of entry/ exit to the requirement to shed mud from the pedal body. All of these characteristics have relevance for mountain biking although I also know of people who have used these pedals for road cycling as well.

Two Years In A Life Of A Pair Of MTB PedalsI’ve been using my PD M540 pedals on the cyclocross bike for around 2 years. Using them for both cyclocross racing and cross country rides through the local Sherwood Forest. I purchased them after destroying the spring action on a previous pair of Time Atac pedals.

After two years of heavy use and abuse they seem to be on their way out now. The cartridge bearings feel rough when turning the pedal spindle in my handles but they still turn without problems and they’ve never been serviced but I’m told that the bearings can be replaced if you choose. The pedals have been submitted to a couple of winters of riding in mud, water and after the heavy recent winter snow the bearings are definitely roughened up.

Clip In and Clip Out ActionAs a road cyclist I’m always looking for a solid ‘snap’ into place between cleat and pedal. It was something I’ve always found distinctly spongey when clipping in on my old Time Atac pedals and when replacing them I wanted something with a more reassuring click into place.

Contact between cleat and pedal is relatively secure for a mountain bike pedal and tension can be adjusted to add some firmness to the connection. More experienced riders will be looking at heightening the tension I had to ramp mine up to the max for the secure fit I desire in a set of pedals.

It’s perfectly adequate for mountain biking and cyclocross although when comparing to my road pedals the connection is nothing near what I would expect in comparison. I’ve read so many reviews of people using these pedals for road riding and feel that the majority of those reviewers definitely have not used a good quality set of road bike pedals. Someone will always argue that a mountain bike pedal will be fine for road use but for me they just don’t have the control and subsequent power transfer capabilities.

Performance In The Mud Cyclocross StyleIf you’re racing cyclocross throughout the winter your pedals need to be be able to shed mud well as a result of the demands of the course. When the rain comes and the muddy courses arrive you need a pedal that isn’t affected by the need to jump off the bike and run through a quagmire.

The M540’s feature lots of space between the pedal body and the axle for mud to drop between. The only time you really have a problem with these pedals is when the mud is thick and gloopy as it all ends of getting compacted inside the pedal body. This seems to be a problem amongst many mountain bike pedals. There are a few which negate a pedal body (Such as Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals) which offer better mud shedding but in reality the PD M540 offers adequate mud clearance for all barring the most gloopy of circumstances.

What’s The Difference Between PD M520 and PD M540 Pedals?If you’re finding it hard to decide which to go for between the PD M520 and M540 the main differences falls into categories of weight and hardware as opposed to the actual performance aspects of the pedals.

The M540 features and slimmed down pedal body and a slightly slimmer pedal axle which actually can only be fitted using a hex key (Instead of a pedal wrench) which saves some weight over the 520 version however realistically the differences end there. Pedal performance is almost identical so if you’re not worried about an additional 25 grammes of weight plump for the M520 pedals

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